Learn to Box, Get in Shape & Have Fun

Phight Club is a boxing training program based out of Oakland, CA's Kings Boxing Gym. We offer multiple ways to get in shape and learn how to box at the same time.
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Novice boxers:
6 months to 14 months of training

Can’t fight until six months of training experience, needs to have had six to 12 fights before upgrading to the next stage.

Teaching program for novice boxers

  • 1.Understanding of footwork
  • 2.Undersatnding and importance of jabs
  • 3.The knowledge of keeping one’s hands up
  • 4.The knowledge of parries (inside and outside) and elbow blocks
  • 5.The knowledge of roadwork and jump rope
  • 6.Understanding the movements of the bags
  • 7.The importance of staying off the ropes and corners
  • 8.Knowing how to put two or three combos together
  • 9.Knowing how to throw a left hook properly
  • 10.Introducing uppercuts
  • 11.Understanding how important it is to win
  • 12.Introducing the art of finishing
  • 13.The knowledge of the square ring and movements
  • 14.Introducing slips and feints in movements
  • 15.The importance of long, straight punches
  • 16.Understanding of dieting and weight watching in preparation for a bout
  • 17.Understanding discipline and behavior at the gym, at competitions, in public and in group outing
  • 18.Looking after personal equipment: airing out gloves and boots, regular washing
  • of gym clothes and clean maintenance of headgear and protector
  • 19.The on-time completion of homework
  • 20.Respecting trainers and having proper vocational conversation in gym with peers

Intermediate boxers: 15 months to 24 months of training

Can’t compete at this level until 15 bouts or great given natural talent and understanding of art after 15 months of training

Teaching program for intermediate boxers

  • 1. Advance footwork, using angles and pivoting
  • 2.The knowledge of blocking punches and countering
  • 3.More understanding and control of bag work
  • 4.Mastering the speed bag and floor-to-ceiling bag
  • 5.Using the rope and corners of the ring to one’s advantage
  • 6.The importance of the center of the ring and controlling the pace of fights
  • 7.Communication with corner in bout
  • 8.Understanding using the eight count and holding to one’s advantage
  • 9.Use of shoulders blocks and push-offs
  • 10.Putting three to five combinations together
  • 11.The importance of changing speeds and power in punches
  • 12.Distribution of weight from the front leg to the back leg, etc.
  • 13.Understanding the use of the last 30 seconds in each round to one’s advantage
  • 14.The knowledge of winning a round and a fight
  • 15.Knowing how to hurt a fighter and finish a fighter, i.e.,TKO or knockout
  • 16.Knowing how to work on the inside and the outside of a boxer
  • 17.The importance of working as a team
  • 18.Knowledge of nutrition, eating properly, sleep and keeping the body clean
  • 19.Helping in the gym and setting examples
  • 20.Understanding the importance of appearance and self-respect

Open class boxers: 2 years or more of experience

In training and in competitive bouts, looking to turn pro

Training program for open class boxers

  • 1.Understanding of sacrifice, i.e., to achieve what you want, you must give up something
  • 2.Regular time schedule, i.e., running at the same time everyday
  • 3.The importance of sparring
  • 4.Heart-breaking workouts
  • 5.Connecting body, mind and soul together, i.e., the power of one
  • 6.Understanding shadow boxing and mirror work
  • 7.The importance of adapting to different gyms, venues, sparring partners and problems
  • 8.The knowledge of dissecting a fighter by watching videos, seeing a fighter’s weakness and strengths
  • 9.Understanding the value of time
  • 10.The knowledge of the ring, using each inch to one’s advantage
  • 11.Knowing that one is an entertainer and the importance of the show
  • 12.The importance of stretching and meditation
  • 13.The importance of food and nutrition and eating on time
  • 14.The knowledge of having a plan (A,B,C, etc.) for a fight
  • 15.Communication with the corner at all times